Electricity Choices

Quincy Community Electricity (QCE) expects to offer a standard product which will have more renewable energy than required by state law. The program also expects to offer multiple optional products, each with varying levels of renewable energy. Participants in the program will receive the standard product unless they affirmatively choose otherwise. 

Standard Product

10% Extra Renewable Energy (MA Class I)

The standard product is designed to provide you some cost savings while also providing more renewable energy than utility’s Basic Service. Savings compared to Basic Service cannot be guaranteed because Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.

Eligible electricity customers will receive an opt-out letter detailing the program and ways to leave the program (opt out). Eligible customers who choose not to opt out will be automatically enrolled.

The program will have three optional products to let you find the right balance of cost and renewable energy!

50% extra renewable electricity
100% additional renewable electricity
No extra renewable electricity

Exact percentages will be finalized based upon prices secured in the competitive bidding process

Renewable electricity

Quincy Community Electricity expects to source all of the extra renewable energy, above and beyond state law requirements, from Green Energy Consumers Alliance. Green Energy Consumers Alliance is a local non-profit that is dedicated to supporting the growth of renewable energy and has a long history of providing local renewable energy options in our region. QCE expects that all extra renewable energy will qualify for Massachusetts Class I (MA Class I) status. It will also meet additional standards to provide Quincy with the cleanest options and the most local impact.

Green Energy Consumers Alliance, the source for all Quincy’s extra renewable energy, helps bring new renewable projects to life through strategic project support and long-term contracts. The sources from which Green Energy Consumers buys are shown below as of October 2020.

Resources that have been, are in or are contracted with Green Energy Consumers Alliance as of October 2020.

Only New England Sources

MA Class I renewable energy can come from New England or adjacent parts of Canada and New York. Quincy plans to exclusively source its extra renewable energy from within New England. We’re helping to keep our energy impact local, supporting New England’s clean energy economy.

Only Zero-Emission or Methane-Destroying Sources

QCE’s extra renewable energy only comes from zero emission sources, such as solar, wind, low-impact hydro, or sources that destroy methane, such as anaerobic digestion. Although traditional biomass, such as wood-fired generation, is eligible as MA Class I, QCE does not plan to include  any for its extra renewable energy